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It's Been a While

Remember me???


So, we moved...in May. Just to another town outside the Springs.

I quit one job (being a trainer was great! but expensive! and people are too lazy and financially tight!), got another job at a supplement shop for a big-name ex-wrestler that closed the shop after I was there for 2 months, and here I am again in a new job.

But this one's a keeper. I'm a tech at the behavioral hospital downtown. I work with the children/adolescents going though an acute crisis. It's chaotic some days, but I absolutely love it.

Plus it's the only job a BA in psych will get me right now. But that's a whole other, less random post.

Don't have much to say, actually, just felt the need to talk.



Memorial Weekend

 So I posted my pix in a couple comms, and I wanted to post it here, but then you'll be seeing the same thing on your Friends Page and I know that is uber-annoying! I've tried corss-posting but I couldn't get it to work...I guess you can check out female_muscle, womenofstrength and dailyexercise if you wanna view them...

Anyways, so I've done some deep thinking these past couple hours. I closed the shop at 7, got to Bally at 7:15 (I was supposed to have a 7:30 client), and when I got there the weekend manger, A, was with a couple walk-ins so he said, "Hey, can you go into Daycare, I guess J fell or something." And sure enough, J was on the floor, laying her side moaning, holding the hand of D, our night cleaning guy. S, the other daycare worker, was pacing and flustered. I made sure S called 911, let D hold J's hand while I supported J's back and talked to her. They said she fell on her hip, and there was a nasty bruise there, so I had S get an icepack that I held on J. The EMTs arrived, and they said they were impressed with how well I handled everything in there (unfortunately, S had forgotten about the little girl that was still in there, so I had to comfort the poor little babe while the EMTs were putting all sorts of wires into J). They took her off the to hospital, I made the phone calls to her family, and worked out while we waited to hear if she was ok. No one saw it happen, so we pulled up the video, and she had been trying to adjust the rug by herself, then tripped over it. Not a hard fall, she was only 5'1", but she was 81 yrs old. Here's what I was thinking::

J had been there for over 30 years. I understand that you have to keep busy and active into old age, but I'm wondering how you continue to do such demanding work once you've hit ultimate frailty---she was a tiny tiny old woman!!! It's terrible that accidents have to happen like this...which got me thinking about old people, and how this is Memorial Weekend, where many cities have flags and picnics and parades, and I thought of this pic 

and how we enjoy celebrating the holiday but don't actually HONOR those it was created in memoradum for. 

Then, last night while praying, hubby mentioned those who have lost someone in the service, and I realized *stupidly* that many many many people we know have been lost these past couple years because they took a job in the military. It's not just the WWII vets, those who survived Korea, men who fought in Vietnam...it's everyone. It's all those in the service right now. And it's all our friends' families who are trying to move past the roadside bomb or freak helicopter crash that happened overseas last week.

Don't forget to remember the reason we're picnicing and relaxing on Monday.


Recent Life

Oi, it's been awhile!

We had to disconnect our internet and cable since we were moving...it suuuucked because we were supposed to move Fr 9 May, but they pushed it back until Thrs 15 May, so everything was packed up for over a week. Bleh. Pulte Homes has wonderful houses, but never use their mortage company, they're slow as molasses!

So that was this past week. Packing, cleaning, moving. Didn't go into work too often, and didn't workout too often (although I definitely count packing and cleaning and moving and unpacking...it was JUST me packing and cleaning, and ONLY my husband and I moving! LOTS OF HARD WORK).  I did get in a couple of good hikes and runs...and some good paying hours. 


I should have been on here more, especially since I could have invited ya'll to Lashley's to meet Cathy LeFrancois this past Sunday She was massive! Bobby even said he felt intimidated by her, and he's still friggin' a monster himself ;P

That's about it...gonna start cleaning up shop in a bit here...missed ya'll!

Hump Hump Hump

And what a hump of a week to get over....rabid emotions, frustrations, packing for moving, burning sun and dark thunderheads.

I've been crying a ton lately. I've always been very emotional, even before I hit the adolescent phase Mom would tease me about my "on/off waterworks switch". Then of course after the kitty started getting a nosebleed, the hormones kicked in and we all know how THAT goes. Add to that the fact that I've re-entered puberty

and I suppose it makes sense that I get upset at the drop of a hat...or a client cancelling on me.

I do have a lot to get done, but the thing is, it will all get done. Sure, if it's not done by a certain time it may throw everything a bit out of whack. But the world will keep on spinning, and not making a deadline is really not that detrimental to my existance right now. I'm making money, doing my thing, settling in.

Overall, all is well. 

Type A

My best friend pointed out to me last night that I'm the type of person that just isn't programmed to relax. Ever. I'm a Type A. And I donno why I never realized it before...

This past week has been crazy. The people at Bally are giving me sh!!t for having gotten another job, even tho they HAD been giving me sh!t about working all the time without people to train....and hubby's been sick, plus he worked a 24-hr shift, so he's crabby when he's awake but mostly he's been asleep today~slightly bumming because Sundays are our Date Day. But alas, I had to spend it alone...being so crabby, he came home at 9 and told me to wake him at 2, so I did, and being the wonderful wife I am, had "lunch but breakfast food" ready...to which he said I should have realized he's still sick and since he hasn't eaten in 3 days he can't eat much anyways, at which point I started crying and left...

It's a gorgeous day, and our past couple Date Days have entailed our hiking the Garden of the Gods or the Incline. So I head out for Seven Falls, 2.5 mi from our apartment...and somehow end up on a trailhead...and then an hour later I find myself at the TOP of Cheyenne Mountain...gorgeousness.

So, anyways, with being a Type A, when things don't go quite as planned, I get rather distraught. I've been taking these new fat burners to help me get my appetite under control so I can get off the last of the winter insulation, but I still find myself getting off-track because I'm upset...

Any good ways of just letting things out of your head...??? I think too much, I know that, but how do I learn to just chill??? 

In Good Hands

I hate to sound like a freak....but then again, what do I have to be ashamed of? Just don't think I'm pushing you into believing the same as I::this is just what faith I possess, and you can call it whatever you like---

About a month ago, hubby and I were discussing finances. See, we were stupid with our tax refund and just blowing money the first month we were together. Caaaaaaaame back to bite us in the butts (of course). We set up a budget, and started discussing buying a house because renting=money down the toilet, whereas owning=investment. We pray toegether every night before bed, so we offered it up to His hands...and we're closing on a townhouse May 9th; the payments start in July, and they're only $100 more per month than what we're throwing out in rent at the moment; our realtor is paying the rent penalty fees...

Last Thursday, hubby and I were discussing long-term plans of starting a gym, and how cool it would be if somehow we could get Bobby Lashley's Smoothies & Shakes involved

So then on Friday, when all my clients had cancelled for the day and I was just standing around loooking pretty {there was no one there to prospect and we need me to be making money!}, Bobby came in, asked why I was getting paid to do nothing when I could be working down at the shop and keeping it open for him...!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH! 

I love being a trainer, and I realize that building clientele takes time...but I need to be actually making money...and I believe in supplements...so today, I worked all day at Lashley's. I'll train all day tomorrow (possibly)...

Not gonna stress it. It's in His hands, of that I'm certain and He's guiding us into the right place.

And today;s our 4 Month Wedding celebration <3


Writer's Block: Happy Earth Day

What do you do EVERY day to take care of the earth's environment? What could you do more of?
Well, I don't turn my eco-frienly lights on~or any lights~until I absolutely need them. I keep things without clocks unplugged during the day.

What I whant to know is::what are the corporations doing to reduce THEIR impact on the earth; I leave a footprint too, but theirs is way huge!

Life In a Nutshell::Bulletpointed

 Just for an update on why I've been somewhat neglegent here:~:

A) working crazy hours and shifts
B) working out before and after said crazy hours and shifts
C) driving back and forth between Denver and here for 'career development'. Boo.
D) getting tons and tons of paperwork together so we can move into the townhouse we bought by the end of this month

Hopefully I'll breathe again soon! ;P

Always Two Sides

 So remember in English or debate class when you HAD to sit there and listen to BoTh sides of the arguement's pros and cons? And no matter how good a job the rebuttal-ists had done, you were still convinced in your orginal position (most of the time ;)?

There is ALWAYS a flip side to your opinion. And ya know what? There's always a chance you could be wrong. 

I think everyone should have to listen through both sides of whatever their opinion is. In real life.

Now, I understand that not all personal trainers are passionate about fintess and health to the point where they are working purely because they love this job and want to help people get healthier. At Bally, we may be calling and leaving you messages twice or three times a week to try to get you to redeem your free first workout...but you wanna know why? 1) The previous person to have called you may not have written down that they called, so you may get a re-call from a different trainer 2) I guarantee you that there is something you're not doing right~~otherwise you wouldn't have gotten out of shape in the first place~~and even if you're doing everything right nad just need a gym, there is always always always something to learn that will help you reach your goals faster 3) we want to teach you how to do do everything right so you don't injure yourself in any way 4) there's nothing else for us to be doing with our time other than making phones calls to schedule first workouts, giving first workouts, and hoping people buy real sessions so we can actually get paid.

Yes, my job and myself can annoy you because I'm correcting your form and calling to remind you about your free workout. It's as much of a bummer to me as it is to you! I hate pushing myself on people, so I try not to, but when I approach you with a smile on my face asking why you haven't called me back after you canceled our session together and when you want to reschedule, it makes ME feel like crap when you give me attitude and say "I don't need you". First off, it's rude to have canceled without warning. I waited that hour for you to show up and wasted my time on you. And if you don't want to workout, you what you can do??? Call and say, I'm not interested right now. 

Personal training is expensive, I'll give you that. But I got to where I am today by plopping down some money I had saved to learn how to get lean and strong. People I watch in the club aren't doing half of anything right::do not lean over on any of the cardio machines! do not be using any weight machines besides the lat pulldown and tricep rope (unless you're over the age of 45)! do not be moving so slow on the cardio machines you might as well be sitting, and move slower with heavier weights because you're stronger than you think you are!

I LOVE what I do. I do not like that in the past 3 weeks I've been rejected and treated rudely more than I have all 20 years of my life.

Past Couple Days...Almost Eternity...

 Thanks for the well-wishes, ya'll are such a sweet group who read my LJ =)

Well, as I had mentioned, the parentals and brother were here last week. We did Garden of the Gods, Pike's Peak, and Seven Falls...and although no one got altitude sickness, my father ended up going home sick with something, I spent all Saturday on the couch (well, I spent 4 hours doing damage control after they left, but that's only cuz I was moving so slow!) and finally hubby took me to the ER on Sunday where we found out I had bronchitis.


Luckily, my clients had cancelled Saturday, and I had Sunday off, so today~~thanks to the doc~~I was so hopped up on drugs I got thru a whole 8 hour breakless shift, meeting with my one real client, one first workout who turned into a real client (YAY, sale!), a ton of phones calls setting up first workouts, and meet-and-greets for first workouts. 

Came home to a decent dinner by my man...who completely overwhelmed me for an hour by talking about how we're meeting with a realtor on Saturday so we can chat about townhouses.


We just moved here! I understand renting's a horrible investment...and I love the thought of our own home...but how about you mention it once or we chat for a bit over dinner about it, then we move on to other things. NOT go on and on and on about it from 7:20-8:30...then of course he went to bed while I do the dishes and play maid...oi.

Anyways, so the bronchitis sucks and I highly suggest not getting it. The drugs have soothed my urge to cough all the time, but that also means that when I need to cough I have to force it, and my throat is so dry I wanna scratch it out. Not to mention my nose is raw from all thise sneezing and blowing....yeck yeck yeck. Avoid it. 

So that's that. Hopefully I'll be able to breathe again soon and be chipper once again. I apologize for the major amount of pissy ranting lately...the storm doesn't seem to be letting up...